Graphic Design

BRAND [to burn]

Origins: used to identify cattle and show ownership.

In present day, Brand Identity refers to a brand’s personality as perceived by the target audience. This identity encompasses all senses including taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. Great branding will elicit a favored emotional response which over time forms a bond between the consumer and product. Brand loyalty is derived from positive reinforcement of memories linked with the brand.

The process first begins with a meeting. This is where pertinent discoveries are made about the current state of business and campaign goals. Branding and marketing needs will be assessed during the initial meeting. From there a quote is worked up for the client. Depending on the nature of the project, research is then conducted on the current brand/ product, the industry, target audience and competition. From there the creative stage begins. A moodboard is designed ensure that the right colors typography and imagery are being used for the campaign. Sometimes a client already has a certain image in mind. At this stage we test all ideas through sketches and proofs. For motion graphics a storyboard will be designed. As ideas come together final designs will emerge. This timeline may happen very quickly or be the product of several months of late nights depending on the scale of a project and budget.