Fine Art

In the process of art making I do not plan, but instead leave things to chance. I have adopted a technique of oil painting a background and then layering cut out drawings and patterned papers over the surface. The outcome is flat yet maintains depth. My landscapes are riddled with creatures; some innocent, some corrupt. Their intentions are transparent. Many of which seem to be aware that the viewer is watching them. I weave these strange characters into an environment that has been described by others as tranquil and beautiful yet disturbing and dark. I learned all of the rules of depth, proximity, angle and shading so that I could break them intelligently creating something chaotic yet functional. I term these strange landscapes as Naked Art.

The expression Naked Art delineates the notion that art exposes an artist’s secrets in the same light as reading a diary or foraging through someone’s personal belongings. As an artist I offer the viewer a piece of myself. It is up to the viewer to decipher meaning from my work. The interesting thing is that a viewer’s interpretation can be vastly different from my intention and it is still valid, for we all see through unique eyes.